Facilitated by Marek Wardecki

Points of You® Lead Master

Marek will lead you through a deep and powerful experience. See the best practices and gain many inspirations.
Marek Wardecki

We are Points of You®

Innovative Tools & Training for professional and personal development

We use the powerful language of today’s world, the language of photos, that inspires and provokes the mind. Our unique tools and workshops have been translated into more than 30 languages & have opened hearts and minds in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Creative Practice for post corona

Gain lots of life changing insights & Inspiration.
Make the best of our Tools & Method
in a disrupted reality

This rhythmic online workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into your daily personal & professional use.
Get ready for a live workshop & digital journey full of diverse techniques, specifically focused on your life post corona- leverage this special timing to make a change in your life and create your new reality.

What will you gain from participating?

  • Learn the language of today world- the empowering & healing language of photos (phototherapy)

  • Learn the 4 simple steps of our unique method- bring balance & clarity into your life

  • Reflect on your potential, observe the nuances of your current life and DREAM BIG

  • Integrate our powerful tools and method into your daily life with yourself, family & friends and also with your collogues, clients and teams

  • The power of collective healing - Connect with participants from around the world who are dealing with similar challenges and feel a strong sense of belonging

  • Learn from the source - experience a deep process directly from our co-founder

  • A profound digital journey that starts upon your registration, continues in between the live sessions and echoes in your life for a long period after...

  • This workshop is life changing!

Watch Intro Video

Feel the vibes of our online events

Get ready for Mind & Heart Opening Experience

Living Your potential

'Potential Me' post corona

With the changing times, we came to an in-between time, what we knew may not work anymore. However, what will come we still don’t know.
What is dreaming inside of you and is ready to awaken?
This is the perfect opportunity to pause and reinvent yourself-
To live life post corona to the fullest & Discover your Potential me

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Dates & Timing

  • Dates

    28 February 3,7,10 March

  • Time

    13:00 PM to 17:00 PM GMT

Creative Practice online workshop includes:

  • 4 energetic online zoom sessions, 4 hours each

  • Our bestselling games for personal transformation – Faces and Flow shipped to you at no additional costs

  • Concept Pack with participant's handout, journal, badges and lots of inspiring goodies shipped to you at no additional costs

  • Digital Certificate of Attendance

  • Are you a certified coach? Get 18 CCEU from ICF

  • Bonus: Brand new digital Participant Kit for interactive online experience

Participant's Testimonials

This was a great investment!

Kathleen Holiday- Leadership Development Consultant, USA

I am already using the tools at work. This was a great investment for my company and for me personally. Thank you!

The method is highly engaging and effective across the business, organizational, personal, family and community settings.

Socorro "Sukey" Dominguez- Chief Innovation Officer, USA

I was delighted to find The Coaching Game and other Points of You products to implement in my own coaching practice.

simple yet profound process

Carolina Yin - Human Resources Director, Costa Rica

The Points of You training simple yet profound process took me from a place of ‘doing’ to a place of ‘being’. I went home with a full heart ready to see others being transformed by such a powerful tool.


  • When will I receive the full curriculum and can choose my preferred dated for the training?

    Once you complete the payment process, you will have access to the "Welcome" chapter- There you can choose your prefer dates and receive more information about the course curriculum.

  • How can I share with you my address for shipping (of Tools & Kits)?

    Once you complete the payment process, you will start your online journey in the course and will be asked to complete "Let's get to know you" questionnaire. Please fill in your shipping address there.

  • When will be the next time that Efrat Shani will facilitate "Creative practice" workshop?

    No future dates so don't miss the opportunity to learn from the source!

  • What if I miss a session? Can I access and view recording?

    In case you won’t be able to participate in one of the sessions, there will be a recording available. However, we must say that the live session is much more powerful in meaningful so we highly recommended to make all the efforts to be present in the live session.

  • Do I need to have Points of You tools (Faces, Flow) and workshop kit with me?

    Yes, you will be working with Points of You® tools and workshop kit during the WS and you can't attend without it. Tools and kit will be shipped to you at no additional cost.

  • In what language the Workshop will be facilitated?

    All sessions will be facilitated in English. We offer simultaneous translation to some languages. Please contact your country leader or contact us at ask@points-of-you.com for more information.

  • Where will the Workshop take place?

    We will meet, bond and experience all online via the Zoom platform. The zoom link will be available in the course online platform a few days before the WS. We recommend that you download and create a Zoom account (for free) that will allow you to enjoy the conference from your computer, tablet, mobile and any other device.

  • Who can I contact for any additional questions?

    You can reach out to us at ask@points-of-you.com and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact your Country Leader directly

  • How to become a certified practitioner?

    Become a Points of You® certified practitioner applicable only after participating in both 'Hello Points' & 'Creative Practice' workshops and completing the certification process