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    Once you Click on "Join us" and complete your registration, you will be prompted to the "My 2022 Intention" course dashboard and begin your January Experience .

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    Join an online live Session with Yaron Golan, Points of You® Co-Founder. It's a 1.5 hours long workshop, easily accessed thought your course dashboard.

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    My 2022 Intention live session will occur on Jan 23rd, 13:00 GMT time

  • Hybrid experience

    The course "My 2022 Intention" is a Hybrid experience including a live session and an online journey before and after the session.

Course Curriculum

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    We are Points of You®

    • Nice to meet you!

    • About Points of You®

    • How it all Started

    • Trust the Process

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    • Terms & Conditions

    • Welcome to January live experience

    • A message from Yaron

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    Before we begin

    • Your Space

    • Downloads & Preparations

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    My 2022 intention board

    • Live Session - Before we begin

    • Join the Live Workshop Training

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    Focus & Action

    • Turn your insights into actions

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    • Completion

    • Feedback Form

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