Practice a life-changing method from the comfort of your sofa.

This is your opportunity to pause and observe, with greater depth, the way you are currently experiencing your life. Figure out your next milestones and steps that will lead you towards getting what you really need.

  • Expand Your Professional Toolkit
    Learn how images & metaphors can ignite imagination, trigger intuition, provoke the mind and accelerate self-development processes

  • Gain Focus
    Get clarity on what's important for you during this time, and focus your energy to the right places

  • Motivate Yourself
    Understand the resources that you currently have and can motivate you to shift from pause to action

  • Change Your Point of View
    Learn skills that will enhance the way you face and deal with challenging situations

Course Curriculum

This is an experiential course that includes videos and digital interaction with images and metaphors

  • 1


    • Welcome 🖤

    • About Points of You®

    • About The Coaching Game

    • A Message from Marta

  • 2

    Before We Begin

    • Get Prepared

    • Working with the Digital Layout Chart

  • 3

    Let's Play

    • Pause Introduction

    • Lets Practice Pause

    • Objectives and Method

    • About The Coaching Game

    • Step 1: How am I living my pause moments?

    • Step 2: How am I expanding myself during difficult times?

    • Step 3: What do I want to focus my energy on now?

    • Step 4: What can I still do to put my insights into action?

    • Step 5: Make it your own

  • 4


    • Before You Go

    • Feedback Form

    • Continue Your Journey With Us

  • 5

    Additional Resources

    • Meet The Process Creator

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Practice a life-changing method from the comfort of your sofa.